Going to Korea as an exchange student


I am so sorry for being so inactive on this blog lately.

A lot of things happened so I didn’t even think about uploading something.

So first of all my wish is finally coming true!!

I’m going to Korea this year! Not just as a trip for a few weeks but as an exchange student for a whole year!! I still can’t believe it but I’m already leaving in 5 months!

Being an exchange student has been a big wish of mine for a few years now. My family already hosted exchange students from 3 different countries. I always wanted to go to a place far away from home and be able to explore new places, meet new people, learn new languages and learn more about different cultures. Please don’t misunderstand; by saying I always wanted to go to a place far away from home I don’t mean I hate it at home. I just want to explore a place which I normally wouldn’t be able to visit due to the big distance. I really love the place that I call my home and I am grateful for every single thing I have and every moment I can spend there.

My interest in Southkorea started to grow at a very young age. As a person who loves learning languages I started to learn Korean at the age of twelve. To be honest I didn’t really study it for a long period of time because I didn’t really know what I could do with it. Back then I asked my mom if I could go to Korea. Of course she said no. Who would let a twelve year old go to Korea on her own?? She told me to wait for a few years. A FEW YEARS these three words kept flying around in my head. How many years would I have to wait? I kept asking myself.

I temporally stopped self studying Korean. There were no language classes in our town, I didn’t know a single Korean person and to put it in other words; I had no one to help my with studying Korean than my books.

When I met my first korean friend I started to study korean seriously. Still to this day I believe that if I wouldn’t have met her I would have probably gave up on korean completely.

She introduced me to her friends with whom I still meet every week to study.

I just want to say that I am soo grateful for all the people who are always there for me, always helping me when I need something and always being there for me. Thank you so much ❤️


안뇽하세용 ><

오랜만이에요… 미안해요. 왜 그런지 모르는데 오랫동안 블로그를 안 썼어요.

원래 글을 많이 업로드 하기로 했는데 그동안 너무 바빠서 아무것도 업로드 못 했어요.

그래도 당연히 아직도 한국어를 열심히 공부하고 있어요. 작년에 TOPIK 보지 않았는데 올해 꼭 볼거예요.

올해 4월 15일에 독일에서 보기로 했어요.

7월에 드디어 처음으로 한국에 가니까 그때까지 더 열심히 공부하고 한국어를 잘 할 수 있었으면 좋겠어요. 그래서 열심히 노력해보고 많이 공부해볼게요.

교환학생으로 한국에 가니까 거기서 1년동안 사고 한국생활 경험할 수 있어서 너무 기뻐요 ㅜㅜ

다들 좋은 하루 보내요^^

Preparing for TOPIK in 2017

I feel like I haven´t done a blog post in 2 years. Sorry 😦
Currently I am preparing for TOPIK 2017.

Since I am going to Southkorea next year to study abroad, I want to be prepared. By being prepared I mean having a good knowledge of the language. I will go to Korea in exactly one year. Until I go there I want to reach the advanced level. In order to get motivated I´ll take TOPIK in October so I have a goal to reach for.

What resources I use to prepare for TOPIK:

I used to use the Sogang University books until I reached level 3 which was in December 2016. Since then I wasn´t really motivated to continue my Korean studies and since I was super busy with school I didn´t have enough time to study. So I just “studied” Korean by watching Kdramas. (But because I didn´t have much time, as I said earlier, I only watched 1-2 Episodes per week)

My summer holidays started recently so I have plenty of time to study korean now.
I got the Korean Grammar in Use (KGiU) books for intermediate and advanced learners and I set myself the goal to finish at least the intermediate book in my holidays. I won´t have much time after my holidays because the new semester starts and I have to prepare for the first exam period, so I try to study as much as I can as long as I have time.

The Topik Test is set for October 21st so I have approximately 3 and a half months left to prepare.

I also use Memrise and Talktomeinkorean to preapare. I´ll post my TOPIK preparation routine/plan soon. (And this time I´m really going to do it soon because I have plenty of time now :P) But now I have to go to sleep because it´s already 1.30am.

Have a nice day^^









I need to change something

I’m studying to reach my goal. 

TOPIK in April 2017 intermediate level. 

But in order to reach that goal I need to change something. I’ve been studying grammar a lot. Since I started my korean learning journey. Grammar is easy for me. Too easy. I read a grammar point and its explanation and I totally understand it just by reading it and its translation. And than its in my head and I won’t forget it. Its crazy. But unfortunetly its different for learning vocabulary. 

I hate learning them. I am too lazy. So I even though I know a lot of vocabs I haven’t learned a lot of them. For example when I watch Kdramas or talk with my Korean friends and there are some words that I hear often I’ll know it the next time but without really studying it (flashcards). But I know that if I had studied as much vocabs as grammar my korean would be at a much higher level. I could already be a high intermediate or very low advanced but since I didn’t study them I am a low intermediate and thats why I am ashamed and not proud. 

I need to fix that. 

So I decided to set myself a daily goal. 

I’ll go through all my korean textbooks and learn EVERY SINGLE WORD that I don’t know.   And there is a course on memrise that I recently started to learn. It’s Topik intermediate vocabulary  in 30 days. And I’ll finish it in 30 days. 

Thats my goal. If I suceed  I don’t need to be disappointed in myself anymore.  
Study hard and have a nice day~ ♡

My korean study plan (august- sebtember)

As the time passes and I just study some korean here and there, I thought about my study process a lot. And there is one thing, that botheres me for a long time.
I don´t study enough because I´m lazy af. 열공해야 되!!!

My goal for next year is passing TOPIK 중급 (intermediate level) and in order to reach that goal I have to study…. a lot. So I ´m about to set up my study plan. Camilla inspired me a lot. She has a great system. She basically writes every study session  she did , down and she also writes the time she spent doing it down. At the end of the week , she calculates the time she studied on every day and than she sees the great amount of time she studied in that week. I´m planning to do a similar method but also inspired by mykoreancorner. She had the great idea to LISTEN to kdramas. That will be sooo effective for my listening skills , I think.

So I want to finish my Sogang compact 2, my integrated korean B2 and I want to finish my korean child book. Since my  Sogang 쓰기 2 arrived I´ll start that too. And to practice my listening skills as well, I´ll listen to Kdramas and/or to Korean podcasts.
I´ll also try to learn with memrise regularly and I´ll continue with the talktomeinkorean lessons since I haven´t studied with them for quite some time but I´ll continue cause I really really really like them!!
My new “goal” is learning  a lot of Hanja.^^ So ´ll try to incoorperate it into my studysessions as well. I´ll study Hanja with howtolearnkorean and with the “useful chinese characters for learners of korean” book.

I´ll start my plan and post it when I´m done with one week.

Have a nice day and don´t forget:


About me

Hi, I´m a  girl from germany who studies korean.
Because I`m only 13 yrs old people always look at me when I enter the Topik room. xD
On my Blog , I´ll be writing about my learning-journey for TOPIK II and I´ll be doing book reviews, fun ways for studying and a looooot more. Hope there´ll be something you like to read. Message me if you have any suggestions 😉

How you can learn a language with less effort,not that much studying and a lot of fun :D

So if you want to know how my method worked for myself and what my experiences were please read my last post : https://studykoreanwithtete.wordpress.com/2016/08/14/how-i-learned-english-without-studying/

So let me introduce you to my idea:
The goal is to learn a language from the low beginner level to maybe a high intermediate or low advanced.  It should be very fun and if you are excited for your “study sessions” you´re doing it right. So basically the goals for the first 6 Months of learning the new language are:
-getting used to the sound of the language
-building a knowledge of basic vocabulary and grammar untill you reach a mid- to high beginner level.

And the goals of the time after those lets say 6 months are:
-watching movies /series in the language you are learning
-having fun
– practicing just a bit
– beeing able to understand the language lets say to 90% (the higher the better)
– understanding words even when you didn´t learn their meanings
-beeing able to speak the language and sounding great (wich means don´t have a strooonng accent  like you´re a total beginner)

I´m now going to set up a little study plan for you:
First 6 Months:
-looking for great study resources like books, websites, laguage classes,or the best     would be to find a native friend or language exchange partner
-learning the alphabet of the new language (if it is new to you)
-learn to introduce yourself / greeting others
– studying about 2000 basic vocabularys ( but the more the better)
-studying basic grammar
-study about 30mins (or more if you like) every day and not one day in the week 6hours!
Practising every day is very important
-try reading short and easy texts like childbooks in the new language
-listen to childsongs or  watch tv series designed for little kids in the target language

And for the rest of your language learning journey:
-Find good TV series in your target language and watch EVERY DAY a bit of them ( I personally recommend 30 mins to 1 hour (and I did the same with 45 mins a day)) WITHOUT SUBTITLES!!!! Its very important! You can use subs for the first week or two but I recommend  not turning them on at all. So you just focus on the words an pronounciation and not on the subs.
– study about 2 times a week but you can study every thing you like ( when I used this method I didn´t do the studying part but instead I just did the homework my english teacher gave us)
-talk loud to yourself in the target language and try to sound like the native speakers from your series wich should not be so hard because you already should be used to the  sound of the language by watching the series often.
– I don´t have any friends who speak english as their mother tongue but I reccomend looking for someone who speaks the language so you can talk to them and practice your pronounciation.

Good luck^^

How I learned English without studying

My  mother tongue is German.  But I studied English since I was in 2nd grade ( in school). But my “real English studying” started in 5th grade. Back then I wasn´t really good at English. I remember how my teacher explained “where are you from” and “where do you live” to my class.  And I already had english as a normal  school subject for almost 3 years so that´s kinda bad. So one day (in 5th grade) my mom asked me to watch “desperate housewifes” with her but completely in English and without german subs because it would be annoying and I had to improve my English. It wouldn´t have been so efective if I turned on the subs because I´d just have concentrated on the subs and not on the English words and their pronouciation. I agreed to do it because it had improved my sisters english too.
In the first episode I used to ask my mom continuesly for the meaning of every single word I didn´t know (and there were a LOT of words I didn´t know) so my mom was a bit annoyed. Because I didn´t want her to be annoyed I just asked for a few words in episode 2 and till the end of episode the questions got less untill I just stopped asking and accepted that I couldn´t understand every single word.
That was pretty hard to accept as a 5th grader though.
But fortunetly I understood almost everything at the end of the series. I was so lucky.
At that point I stopped watching german youtube videos, I switched to the english ones.
I was lucky enough to write an A  in every english exam and mentioned to always be the class best.  But it demotivated me at some point because I´d never had to study for an exam anymore but still I´d write an A while my friends studied for weeks and cried after getting the result and”just having a C”. So my friends were all asking me how did you become so good at english? I told them what I did but none of them would believe me.
Don´t get me wrong, I didn´t write this article to say something like “look and see how good I am” or somthing like that. No I´m not statisfied completely with my english skills yet because I know there is still space for improvement but instead I want to tell you how you can learn a language  as well as I did;

With less effort.

But there was and there´s still a big disadvantage in knowing English better than I would when I just learned it at school with studying what the teachers told us to.  The classes are really boring. I tend to lose my motivation for answering the teachers questions.  I personally think that german english teachers didn´t do such a great job at least at my school because I still hear sentences from my classmates like “I will to go to the toilet” wich should mean something  like “I want to go to the toilet”. So after 6 and almost 7years of studying they still don´t know simple things like “I want”  but instead they mix english and german as if  they were speaking their own mixture of both. That makes me sad…
And they keep repeating their mistakes it doesn´t matter how many times you correct them.

I´ll set up a study plan for you ( you can read it in the next article)


Sorry, Topik preperation is beeing continued xD

I´m sorry I din´t post anything for a long time. But I haven´t learned since my last post.
OMG I feel so bad for the wasted study time though.  But I had 3 exams every week ;(.
Ok today (easter holiday in Germany) I start a strict study plan so I´ll be good to go to  the Topik!
I´ll follow the same scheme every day.

1.Sogang 1 B   30mins
2.TTMIK 3 Lessons
3.1h Memrise Topk Vocabulary
4.reading 1h in my Korean books
5.spending 15 mins on past Topik papers
6.working as long as I´m concentrated  on Integrated Korean Beginner 2
7.Watchin Kdrama (cheese in the trap)  and listening to kpop
8.Trying to read a korean webtoon OR korean news articles
9. writing in my korean diary