Day 1 Topik Preperation

Hey guuyyyyyyyss! It´s me again. 😀
My first officially preparing  day for Topik on my Blog. 🙂
So I´ll start with .
I´ll learn some vocabulary from the Topik list. I set a daily goal wich is about 45mins
a day (20 000 memrise points). Than I´ll do the first chapter of Integrated Korean Beginning 2, wich I got used for 10 Euros wich is aproximatly 10 Dollar.
I´ll do some grammar lessons on (WICH U HAVE TO CHECK OUT IF YOU DON´T KNOW IT BECAUSE IT´S THE BEST KOREANLEARNING- WEBSITE EVER!) 😀 and than I´m going to practice what I learned on ttmik with Sogang.
I´m also going to write my own article  on where native speakers correct it. Last but not least I´m reviewing the vocabs I learnt today. I hope , that I can do all that that because I have an appointment today. 😦
Thanks for reading ,
Have a nice day 😉


Preparing for Topik^^

Hi Guyyyysss! I´m going to take the Topik test in April! I already signed  in.
But it was a biiiiiigggg mess! I sent the application in a letter in January and I havn´t got a reply. So my mom called the Korean – Embassy in Germany (is embassy the right word???)  And they first told her that she has to pay the money and afterwards I´ll get a reply but then they told her I´m too young. Ok. I mean maybe they´re right. Maybe I´m the youngest person that had ever taken Topik. xD But than they finally told my mom that every one in every age can take it. So no I´ll take the Topik test for the first time!
I´m really excited!
But I´m also really stressed. I don´t know that much Vocabulary so I study every every every day! …… 😦
And I kinda miss grammar. But there´s no time left. Theres just 1  1/2 Month left and even when I feel that my head explores with all that new stuff I learned I feel that I have learned NOTHING.
I´m going to try writing regularly how I  prepare.^^ Have fun reading it.
And if you´re also taking Topik I wish you best luck!!


Deutsche Bücher , mit denen ich Koreanisch lerne(✿◠‿◠)

Also nachdem ich geschrieben habe welche Englischen Bücher ich benutze um zu lernen kommt heute die Liste mit den Deutschen Büchern.
1. Pons Power-Sprachtraining Koreanisch (alte Version)

Meiner Meinung nach NICHT empfehlenswert!! Es ist schlecht gestaltet und man hat keinen Spaß am lernen , da man nur lange Vokabellisten hat die man lernen muss.

2. Koreanisch Wort für Wort  (Kauderwelsch 44)

Empfehle ich nicht zum lernen. Es ist eher ein kleiner Reiseführer.

3.Koreanisch : systematisch, schnell und gut (lex:tra)
Wo möglich das beste Deutsche Buch um Koreanisch zu lernen 😀 Viele Bilder. Leichte Erklärungen

Alle Bücher gibts bei Amazon .

The books that I use to study Korean :D

Hi Guys! Today I´m going to introduce you to the books I use to study Korean 🙂

1. I use the “Sogang 한국어” Series to study :
sogang1a  W_1A_grande
Studentsbook               workbook

The Sogang books are the best books that I´ve ever tried. They have colorful pictures and they come with a litte “grammar and vocabulary book”. I think its originally made for language classes but I enjoy studying by my own with these books.  I highly recommend them!

2. Pocket Korean Dictionary

I don´t really like this dictionary because it has romanization and its sorted by the latin Alphabet (so like ABC…) not by Hangul- consonants!
And it´s pretty thinn so there aren´t a lot of words in there…

3. Korean Phrasebook & Dictionary(lonely planet)
Korean Phrasebook & Dictionary

This is good! Its pretty  inside and there are useful phrases in there sorted by topics. And it has a Dictionary in there . The book has 271 Pages, so there´s a lot in there 😀

You can get all these books by Amazon.!

I also use some websites to study but I´ll write another time about that.

“Eine völlig neue Welt” :D

Hallo. Ich bin Tete aus Deutschland und ich lerne Koreanisch. Mein Interesse in Korea hat vor ungefähr 1 1/2 Jahren angefangen, als meine beste Freundin mir den Link zu dem Musikvideo von “Exo´s -Wolf” schickte. Ich sah dieses Video und war völlig begeistert.  Diese Art von Musik , die ich nie zuvor gehört hatte war für mich wie eine völlig neue Welt. Ich fing an Gdragon und andere Kpop Sänger/ Bands zuhören und fing – nachdem ich etwas von “boys over flowers ” gehört habe- an Kdramas zu gucken. Meine Begeisterung wurde so groß, dass ich mich nach einem halben Jahr dazu entschied Koreanisch zu lernen. Ich lernte hier und da mal ein bisschen aber letzendlich war ich zu faul um wirklich weiter zu kommen. Jetzt nochmal 1Jahr später hab ich mich dazu entschlossen ernsthaft zu lernen.  Ich weiß, dass es ein paar Youtube Kanäle h und auch ein paar Blogs über Korea gibt, aber diese sind meist auf Englisch und einen Deutschen Youtube Kanal  oder Blog über Korea habe ich noch nie gesehen. Auf meinem Blog möchte ich auch auf meine “Koreanisch-lern-Reise” mitnehmen. 😀

“A completly new world” :D

Hi! My I´m Tete from Germany and I study Korean. My interest in Korea started about
1 1/2 years  ago. My best friend sent me a link of a Kpop music video. It was  “Exo´s – Wolf”. After  listening to this song I started listening to Gdragon and some other Kpop singers. I really enjoyed this kind of music and it was like “a completly new world” for me.”Wolf” was the beginnig of my little story. And than I heard something about the Kdrama “Boys over flowers” and I started to watch Kdramas.So about 6 months later  I wanted to learn the language but I just studied a bit and than I stoped learning because I was to lazy … Now – a year after that- I finally started learning seriously!! 😀  I know there are a few Youtube cannels about korean culture in English (not a single one in German)but I never saw a “study with me ” youtube channel or blog. So I want to take you with me on my Korean-learning-jurney. :D:D